Power Dynamics Resources

As stated in our introduction, the vast majority of our Power Dynamics analysis comes from John Gaventa’s website, http://www.powercube.net which describes a visual interpretation of analyzing power, known as a power cube. Gaventa had previously written the book, Power and Powerlessness; Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley (University of Illinois, 1982) which is a case study based on the work of Steven Lukes, who wrote the 1974 book Power: A Radical View (expanded and republished by Palgrave MacMillan, 2005)

Both of these books should be on the reading list of anyone who wants to study Power in a serious way.

For a comprehensive introduction to Power Analysis, please look through Gaventa’s website,powercube.net, and read the 90 page document Powerpack; Understanding Power for Social Change, describing the power cube and outlining a basic workshop series with which to teach it. We find this workshop series extremely prescient, and hope that you use it. Although there are more things on the website than in the document, the document covers all the bases, and is well-organized.

Following are the resources noted in the Power Dynamics Activities page.