Fair Development Activities:

In this section, you will find the first three one-on-one sessions participants should have with prospective members. These sessions are designed to be broad, and explain what Fair Development is for the average person coming in with little or no prior knowledge. The idea is that one person from the committee will spend some time with a new or prospective member at this person’s home, getting to know the person and explaining our basic tenets and goals. Through this process, we hope to orient new members to our organization and get them excited about taking part in our work.

Activity Descriptions

This is a description of each one-on-one. It contains an outline of the points you should get across, and briefly explains how to get there.

Activity 1

In this second visit, we share a powerpoint describing our Fair Development Campaign, and why we have settled on Fair Development as a solution to the problems we see in Baltimore. Members agree to share their story for our blog and come to the next meeting.

Activity 2

In this third visit, a new member shares and records his or her story as it pertains to Fair Development for our blog. Below is a tip sheet for conducting a successful interview and collecting testimony from new members.